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Ocean transport

Our ocean freight service EP Ocean is the logistics service able to provide solutions for different delivery needs.
We offer a maritime logistics service to all major ports. This includes loose cargo, full container, consolidated LCL, hazardous cargo, oversized, special equipment, and break-bulk services.
Our delivery methods include Door-to-Door, Door-to-Port, Port-to-Port and Port-to-Door delivery.
Ocean transport <br> EP OCEAN

Ocean freight FCL
Full container load

We ship your cargo in containers by sea in accord with the agreed Incoterm. We offer your company a network of contacts required to execute the coordination of the cargo shipment from the exporter plant all of the way through to the destination plant, providing genuine door-to-door solutions worldwide.
Ocean freight FCL <br> Full container load

Ocean freight LCL
Less container load

Why wait to fill an entire container? We can advise you on the size and weight of your cargo, providing your company with the option of shipping the cargo as break bulk. In order to ensure timely delivery, we can coordinate the consolidation or deconsolidation of your cargo using only a portion of a container, thereby reducing shipment logistics costs.
Ocean freight LCL <br> Less container load

Ocean freight
Ocean Express

As a logistics provider, with great experience in express solutions, we have implemented maritime options with Overland coordination, documentation and booking processes, customs procedures, management and selection of ships. All under the premise of speed in order to reduce time and costs.
Ocean freight <br> Ocean Express

Ocean freight
Break Bulk

Service designed for shipments that cannot be loaded into standard containers because of its conditions of dimensions and weight. We coordinate the logistic of special shipments managing all risks to ensure the success of the operation.
Ocean freight <br> Break Bulk

Ocean freight

Roll-on/roll-off shipping services for cargo with or without its own means of traction. We offer the expertise you need to coordinate operations in accordance with the characteristics of the cargo, with a special emphasis on risk management.
Ocean freight <br> Ro/Ro