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Europartners is an international logistics supplier focused on providing fast overland, sea and air shipping solutions. We are devoted to satisfying your supply chain shipping needs every time you call.
Our worldwide presence allows us to offer integrated global solutions. We have offices at diverse strategic points in Mexico and offices in the United States, Canada, Central and South America, and Europe.

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We are ready to provide national and international shipping of merchandise, ensuring on time delivery thanks to our broad variety of transport solutions and strategic network of associates devoted to guaranteeing your satisfaction.
We offer cargo shipping solutions for all industries, with fast, high-quality shipments by sea, air or overland to meet your every cargo shipping need.

Specialized Industries

We would like to thank you all for your great efforts and help that allowed us to work very quickly with customs ofboth our countries, Brazil and Mexico, and the quick air freight of the urgent impellers. We are happy to notify you that the impellers arrived at our plant by 8:30 am this morning, and that we were able to work with them today. Again thank you so much for your support and it is a pleasure working with such a great team.
Cynthia Marañon V. (SPMX)
Sulzer Pumps Mexico SA de CV
Trafico Intl. / Intl. Logistics
“Thanks for all your help. We worked till very late on Friday and I truly appreciate your support and that of your entire team.”
Alse Mexicana
“Your performance was excellent, all the way from customer support to follow-up and timely delivery. Should we need this kind of service again, I would certainly choose to work with you.”
Andrea Gómez Andrade
Gestamp Puebla
“Everything worked out excellent and your service was very good. You were truly attentive and always had answers to my questions”
Ana Jimenez
Movic Records
I want to commend you on the way you work!!! Thank you very much for the service you provide
Ivonne Ruiz Olvera
“Ball Mexico appreciates all your efforts, follow-up, availability, professionalism and involvement at all times.Thank you for all your attention and service!
You really make things happen. You work round the clock and with an excellent attitude of service that provides Ball and other customers peace of mind, hope, and satisfaction at all times.
To me, it’s a true delight to work with you and to know that we can count on a people that have joined us as an integral part of our team.
I respect you, admire you, and thank you for such an excellent job.”
Fabiola Cortés
Ball Aerocan México SA de CV
“I wish to congratulate you on the people you hire. They are truly professional in their work, they like what they do, and strive at all times to give their best to the customer. Congratulations and thank you very much”
Irma Ibarra
Munters de México S de RL de CV
“Thank you very much for an excellent job and follow-up at all points of the shipment. Thanks again.”
Gustavo Anguiano Jaime.
Fitesa Fiberweb de Mexico SA de CV
“I want to share you the opinion of our suppliers in Portugal, who tell us that you and your agents are the best people to work with, the best that they’ve worked with. Which confirms the quality and service that you offer at all times. I truly appreciate and commend your enthusiasm, commitment, and professionalism in serving our accounts.”
Tapones Escobar
“I had never received the kind of personalized attention that you have been providing us. I’m truly amazed by your quick and timely responses to my requests for quotes.”
CompañíaAzucarera la Estrella
“Your performance has been excellent, and going forward we expect to keep working with the same kind of negotiation strategies in order to optimize resources and maintain excellent service quality, a priority issue for our area”
Gerardo Monreal
“Through this email I wish to thank you for your ongoing help and support on this delivery. I believe your coordination has been truly successful at all times—you are an excellent team.
I hope to keep working with you, and rest assured that I’ll be recommending you for future shipments.Thank you!”
Alejandra Montes Navarro
Agroindustria Guadalajara, SA DE CV
“I wish to thank you for the timely and effective support you provided me along this entire process. Also, I thank you for your timely and expert help to enable our client to release the freight at the destination terminal. Your service was priceless and you demonstrated great skills and consistency in this urgent situation.
Thanks for an excellent job!”
Leonor Ble García
Grupo Carolina
"TPE SMART BUSINESS.“Compared to other logistic companies currently in the market, they really go all the way, with up to date emails and calls. They give you different options, they always go for the most efficient and economical option. Super personalized and professional people who can work under pressure and it seems like they can move mountains. What else cant they do? I am a super happy customer and will always use them.”

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