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Project Cargo

Project Cargo Logistics service consisting of transporting oversized cargo or cargo with special needs for pick-up and delivery. Europartners offers services for refrigerated cargo, break bulk cargo and even hazardous cargo services.

Oversized Shipments

Oversized Shipments This is a service where the cargo is shipped in flat rack or open top containers because of its oversized dimensions. This type of cargo requires taking safety precautions, which Europartners offers.

Break Bulk service

Break Bulk service Dedicated service to cargo that is shipped as a bulk down since it is usually too large or heavy to be shipped in regular containers. Europartners has needs-based on- and below-deck services.

Chartering service

Chartering service Specialized maritime transportation service for large volume heavy loads and project loads. At Europartners, your project is evaluated by our team of experts to offer choices that guarantee efficient and flexible solutions designed for all types of needs.

Reefer cargo

Reefer cargo Dedicated service for merchandise that, due to the conditions, needs to be kept at a controlled temperature to preserve its properties and quality. This type of cargo is consolidated in refrigerated containers.

Dangerous Cargo

Dangerous Cargo For dangerous cargo, Europartners has the transportation know-how needed to coordinate pick-up and delivery of this special merchandise. Procedure from and to different points, always fulfilling the required international regulations.